My driving force… As I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I encountered a stark reality: the solitude of navigating uncharted waters without a support network. Despite reaching out to fellow photographers in my area, I was met with indifference, leaving me feeling adrift and alone. However, this adversity only fueled my determination to fill the void for others. Drawing upon decades of experience in mentoring and training within the corporate realm, I recognized the opportunity to channel my passion for education into empowering aspiring photographers. Beyond the joy of creating art, I found myself shouldering the burdens of accountant, marketer, networker, and customer service representative—all while striving to keep my artistic vision alive. My journey is driven not only by a quest for success but by a deep-seated desire to provide the support and guidance I yearned for in my own moments of uncertainty and doubt.

Choose the Best Fit

Studio Date  – $250 (1 hour)

This is tailored for photographers ready to elevate their craft. If you’re adept with your camera but seek guidance on the business side or connecting with your clients , I’m here to assist. Whether it’s editing queries or general advice, I’ll devote an hour and a half to address all your concerns and provide actionable insights. From fundamental tips to the tools I rely on for efficient editing, nothing is off-limits. Additionally, I can demonstrate a live edit of one of my photos or one of yours and help you refine your own work. Sessions are available locally in the Somerset Area, with the option for travel at an additional fee.  Again we can hash out exactly what you want to cover before you come to the studio.  

The Photo Session – $450 (up to 2 hours)

This opportunity is perfect for those seeking to infuse more emotion and connection into their photo sessions. If you want to master the art of capturing your clients’ essence, this experience is tailored for you. You’ll have a front-row seat during a senior,couple or family session—whichever you prefer—to witness firsthand how I bring life to my photos. Throughout our time together, I’ll share my techniques and insights, guiding you through my process of working with clients. I encourage you to bring your camera so I can offer personalized feedback on your approach. This is the ultimate package—the full enchilada—for honing your skills and elevating your photography game.  (These are limited to a few times a year.)

When you just want more – $900 (Spend a day with me 6-8 hours)

With this comprehensive offering, we’ll kick off with an hour-long in-person discussion to pinpoint areas where you aim to enhance your expertise. Following our chat, you can opt for either a couples or family shoot, focusing on your preferred area of improvement. Throughout the hour, I’ll assist you in mastering optimal lighting, cultivating client comfort, and guiding poses to capture emotive shots. After the session, we can follow-up another hour to delve into what you learned during the shoot, post processing and what I use for culling my shoots.  During this time, I’ll conduct a live edit of one of our session images and provide assistance with editing your own. If you edit on a laptop it would be great if you could bring with you but not necessary.  Additionally, we’ll explore the apps I use to streamline my business operations, such as Canva, Planoly, and Flodesk, to make running your business smoother and more efficient. We will wrap up with any other questions you might have. (These are limited to a few a year.) 

Maybe you’re just beginning or you have been in this business for a few years.   Let’s get together either by phone, zoom, FaceTime over some coffee and you tell me what you’re looking for, ask a few questions, get to know each other.