Unconventional Families – Whatever that means?


February 25, 2022

Unconventional Families – Whatever that means?

I love how just by happen stance you meet people on what feels like a meant to be moment. While dropping off a usb for another client I met Lu (Leigh Anne) and the next thing I know we are planning her family shoot. After a few phone calls, texts and a meet up we are ready for their day. Lu had told me ahead of time her and the ex husband would like to still have a family shoot together with their kids. I asked a few questions to see just how comfortable they could be with each other and somewhat check for myself to see just how awkward is this going to be? In this day and age Divorce is very common but what isn’t common is the now ex partners really making sure their kids are not affected by the “D” word as Lu tells me. I have to say I was a bit nervous but I knew we had connection and I thought if they can do this then I sure can. Lu and Matt not only have a great connection and think of each other as best friends but their kids are absolutely perfect. Watching them together as a family and capturing the dynamics of how they interact with one another was an absolute joy. The way they care about their kids and still each other shows through with every interaction. So even if to the rest of the world it may look a bit unorthodox or unconventional, for me to witness I see exactly why it works for them. Not only are they setting an example for their kids but what an example for all of us. Whether its divorce, a break up, an argument with a friend, or different political views if we could all just remember to step back, remember what is important and truly put forth the effort to get along and stay connected at the heart. Love always wins and I am just so happy to witness and capture it up close.

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